Super SerialsSuper Serials Insta Icon is a book club podcast, featuring serial novels like The Babysitter’s Club, Goosebumps, Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley, and more!

New episodes are released every Wednesday.

Super Serials is hosted by A.M. Pines & L.A. Croft and features special guests.

About the Hosts

A.M. Pines

A hails from the south, but calls Pittsburgh her home. She maintains a personal tumblr and writing blog, as well as an education blog on politics and contemporary issues in education. In her spare time, she is an Internet Historian, chronicling the insanities found on the world wide web for posterity.

Find A.M. on twitter @AM_Pines. She mainly tweets about being enraged at Pretty Little Liars episodes, begs ABC Family to bring back Bunheads, and chats about bad reality television and politics. (And yes, she is a huge Gravity Falls fan.)

L.A. Croft

L. A. is a podcaster, writer, and filmmaker who loves the city of Pittsburgh. She is an assistant editor of the Parsec Ink “Triangluation” anthology, adores her coworkers at her 9-5, and finds a new tv series to binge when she should be writing. Her patronus is a unicorn. Find her on Twitter @la_croft.


Find Jesse on twitter @CrownofMagnets

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