New Release: 024 – The Babysitter’s Club Super Mysteries #4: Christmas Chiller

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Join  hosts A.M. Pines and L.A. Croft with Jesse for Super Serials, your lovingly snarky book club all about the middle grades and young adult fiction. Today we combine our two favorite holidays, Halloween AND Christmas, for a Babysitter’s Club delight- “Christmas Chiller”!

Want to be part of our secret society? Follow us on facebook, twitter, tumblr, and instagram. Show your support for us on Patreon with as little as $1 a month to get access to a new bonus show each month, as well as all of our past ones. This month we are watching and chatting about the ABC Family movie Holiday in Handcuffs. Yes. That movie.
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NEXT WEEK: GET READY. YOU ASKED FOR IT. YOU BEGGED FOR IT. We are reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Book I)!

LA: Peppermint Bark. Step further? Peppermint Bark Latte. From a coffee bar.
AM: Kettle Corn
Jesse: A meatball sub. From Sheetz probably.

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Contact Super Serials at with your love or  deepest darkest secrets. We also accept fan fiction, but we cannot promise to keep it secret.

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Copyright 2015

Artwork: C. McCabe


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