Luncheon With Bess & George (in Pittsburgh)

If you listened to our recent Nancy Drew #7: The Clue in the Diary (and if you haven’t, go here!) and a lovely listener asked us where we would go to brunch with Bess and George.

Great. Question.

We are bitches who like to lunch, so we each listed our top five places we would lunch with our mystery sleuthing squad while on a mission.

Is the luncheon in the castle, Nancy?

Is the luncheon in the castle, Nancy?

Top 5 Brunch Places: A.M. Pines

5. Spak Brothers

Both vegans and carnivores can enjoy wings & pizza and the House Hickory Sauce is bomb. This is best for the take out/on the run lunch, right before encountering a creepy shack in the woods.

4. Marty’s Market

Compressed Watermelon Salad and  the Farmhouse Sandwich, it just sounds like it would be on the menu next to “deviled eggs”.

3. Shiloh Grill (sister of Harris Grill on Mt. Washington)

Go for the cocktails, stay for the view, and leave when a clue comes through.

2.  Bluebird Kitchen

Because we would look adorable in our chiffon dresses eating Tuna Nicoise.

  1. NOLA on the Square (Creole/French)

Fried Green Tomatoes! Grits! Jazz hands!

Top 5 Brunch Places: L.A. Croft

5. Spice Island

 This out-of-the-way spot in Oakland is easy to miss, but after going once, you’ll definitely be back! All of the appetizers are winners, but the Ol Gaht is head-and-Ned-Nickerson’s-shoulders above the rest. Don’t forget to check out their insane tea list, if you’re feeling extra luncheon-proper!

4. Jimmy and Nino’s

This Strip District deli is strictly a to-go spot, but is not to be skipped, boasting tons of fresh bread and an expansive array of meats and cheeses. All of their lunch special sandwiches are incredible, particularly the eggplant, and their cannoli surely rival any kind of Swedish baked goods.

3. Pamela’s

Just like Nancy, this multi-location diner is a classic for a reason! We’re into any spot that serves breakfast food all the live long day, and there is no better reward for another case solved than the Banana-Walnut hotcakes and Lyonnaise potatoes.

2. Crested Duck

This place would blow Bess’s lunch-loving mind! Specializing in charcuterie, this spot’s beautiful, seasonal menu offers both brunch and dinner, depending on the day of the week. Try literally anything they do with seafood, and for the love of clues, save room for dessert.

1. Burgh Bites Truck

My personal favorite among these lunch choices, and my favorite food truck in the city! Their ever-changing menu could keep up with any gaggle of girls with sleuthing to do, offering THE BEST soups, warm sandwiches, and their signature “torts;” fresh-made tortillas sprinkled with some kind of crack dust from heaven.


Share with us your favorite lunch spot in your hometown that you’d love to check out with your sleuthing crew!



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